We need your voices, through emails.  We want to be heard, and we need your help.   Our Ghost River community has a strong voice, please reply immediately!  We know you all enjoy the remote experience of walking over our portage to rock lake. We are currently in the negotiating stages with the forestry company to communicate our concerns over where they are planning cuts in our area.  We can not control the cutting but we can have a voice in the process and location of how they perform the cuts and roads they make. 


Our greatest concern is that they want to build a bridge across the first portage into rock lake. This would mean there would now be a road you would have to walk over, as opposed to walking next to the creek as it always has been. The remote feeling would be gone.  


We are at the negotiating table know, our voice is strong; but our Community of voices will be stronger.  Together we can have a bigger impact on the outcome.  We are asking each of you to take 5 minutes from your day and send us an email, voicing your concerns, voicing your experience of walking across our portage, voicing what it means to you to have the opportunity to experience this kind of remoteness. Make your thoughts known, express in your email how it adds to the experience of your trip. Express how if feels to be in a catch and release lake and/or how it adds to the highlight of your trip, these would be good key points to bring up. 


This is one of 4 cuts we are negotiating and we need as many voices (emails) to speak with us as we possibly can.  The Kartinen Family want to try to keep Ghost River as authentic and remote as we possibly can. However, we can’t do it alone, we need your help. 


Every email, will make a difference, please take a few minutes to send us a note, we plan to present every single one of these emails to the forestry company first hand at our meeting next week. 


We understand there’s a rush, but we wouldn’t be reaching out if we didn’t need the help. 


We are trying to reach as many people as we possibly can, if you have any family or friends who enjoy fishing remotely who would have an opinion about an issue such as this, please include them, and forward out email.   EVERY PERSON MATTERS, the more responses we have, the bigger our voice will be.  We are making this petition to try to save the remote experience of our catch and release adventures. 


Please send your letters to this email address ghostriv@tbaytel.net or fill out the form below to email us from this webpage.


Thank you,


Darrell, Tena, Chelsea Kartinen and Don Wilson

Ghost River
Rock Lake Portage Rescue

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